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Press Release vom 12.05.17
VNC Automotive collaborates with Noser Engineering AG to introduce a new MirrorLink enabled concept

VNC Automotive collaborates with Noser Engineering AG to introduce a new MirrorLink enabled concept

New screen-less embedded module provides flexible in-car connectivity solution for vehicle manufacturers

May 2017, Cambridge, UK and Winterthur, Switzerland: VNC Automotive, the global provider of VNC® remote access technology and premier MirrorLink supplier are pleased to announce their collaboration with Noser Engineering, a leading software supplier in the technical computer science industry.

Noser Engineering have collaborated with VNC Automotive to produce a new concept that will revolutionize the existing in-car connectivity market. This exciting project sees Noser developing a screen-less embedded module for installation into vehicles that integrates the RealVNC MirrorLink server and can be connected to certified MirrorLink enabled head units. The result is a highly flexible solution for vehicle manufactures and fleet operators that will support a range of their dedicated console apps and simplifies geographical customisation.

“We are delighted to collaborate with Noser Engineering on this exciting project which will deliver a new concept using MirrorLink as a safe and flexible open standard, enabling automotive OEM’s and fleet operators to deploy applications to their vehicles” said Tom Blackie, Vice President of Automotive at RealVNC. “We look forward to a very long and successful working relationship with Noser Engineering”.

Noser Engineering also looks forward to the collaboration and future projects with VNC Automotive. „The collaboration between VNC Automotive and Noser Engineering will consolidate both companies strengths ,“ says Patrick Schättin, Head of Automotive at Noser Engineering AG. „The expertise of VNC Automotive and in particular being the well-known supplier of MirrorLink technology, combined with the know-how of Noser Engineering as a full-service software provider, enable us to develop new, innovative and customer-specific solutions in the area of car connectivity.“

RealVNC software is technology agnostic and readily embraces complementary standards such as Apple CarPlay™, Android Auto and Baidu’s CarLife.  VNC Automotive includes VNC Telematics™, VNC Enhanced™ and the RealVNC MirrorLink Certified solution that pairs the driver’s car with their mobile device, enabling mobile devices to perform a number of different functions within the car.  In an industry where driver safety is of the utmost importance, VNC Automotive technology allows the mobile device to be controlled from the car dashboard, vehicle bezel keys, or steering wheel switches without distracting the driver.

About RealVNC
VNC Automotive is a division of RealVNC, the global provider of VNC® remote access technology. RealVNC’s software is used by hundreds of millions of people worldwide; in over 1 billion devices; in every sector of industry, government and education. RealVNC is a Charter member of the Car Connectivity Consortium supporting the MirrorLink® specification, which uses VNC.  VNC Automotive underpins many of the commercial MirrorLink Certified™ products and has been available in production with automotive OEMs, Tier 1 suppliers and phone vendors for several years.  It is already in millions of vehicles available from many of the major automotive OEMs.  Founded by the original inventors of VNC, RealVNC is the only organization able to offer a commercial license to embed VNC in third-party products and offerings. www.realvnc.com

RealVNC®, VNC® and RFB® are trademarks of RealVNC Limited and are protected by trademark registrations and/or pending trademark applications in the European Union, United States of America and other jurisdictions. MirrorLink Certified™, MirrorLink® and the MirrorLink® Logo are certification marks and trademarks of the Car Connectivity Consortium LLC. Unauthorized use is strictly prohibited.

About Noser Engineering AG
Noser Engineering is a market-leading software engineering provider headquartered in Switzerland. With 170 employees, Noser Engineering has provided tailored solutions for over 30 years to Fortune 500, local, European and multinational companies.

Noser Engineering develops software for the automotive industry with passion and commitment. Our automotive specialists build integrated functions into vehicles in record time, enabling the interaction between vehicle and driver, and increasing safety and comfort. Noser Engineering offers the seamless networking of sensors, telemetry, social media, mobile as well as cloud applications, opening up new possibilities and innovation. Through the use of standardized technologies, these innovative solutions are not only available to new vehicles, but also older vehicles can now experience the digital world.

Noser Engineering has developed infotainment and telemetry systems based on the Android platform from initial idea through to the serial production stage for major automotive manufacturers. This is not least thanks to the significant participation in the development of the operating system Android on behalf of Google in close cooperation and as a member of the Open Handset Alliance.



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