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Noser Engineering AG provides information technology consulting, solutions and services since 30 years to local, European and multinational companies.

New, challenging and inspiring projects keep our 160 employees delivering on the success of our customers each day.

As Swiss ICT Champions,award winning Microsoft ALM consultants, founding member of the Open Handset Alliance (Android), market leader in Swiss System Testing/QA and embedded systems, Noser Engineering adds value through quality, on-time delivery, speed and innovation.



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News & Next Events.

First Ranorex Goldpartner

Press release: 26.03.2015

Noser Engineering AG becomes first Ranorex Gold Partner in Switzerland. Learn more.

New General Manager to Lead Operations in Bern

Press release: 04.02.2015

Noser Engineering AG the Swiss based global information technology consultancy announced today the appointment of André Horisberger as General Manager to lead their operations in Bern, Switzerland, effective February 1, 2015. Learn more.

Noser Blog.

RFID/NFC Anwendungen

Thomas Riesen: 07.02.2014

RFID ist für elektronische Geräte noch ein relativ neues MMI (Mensch-/Maschinen-Interface). Trends und Eigenschaften in der RFID/NFC-Technologie werden in diesem und weiteren Blog-Einträgen diskutiert.


Erfolgsfaktoren in Projekten

Denis Druzic: 11.07.2013

Oft werden Projekte in der Anfangsphase zu schnell vorangetrieben und Wichtiges aussengelassen. Zeiteinsparungen in dieser Phase führen jedoch im späteren Verlauf des Projektes oft zu Mehrarbeit oder sogar zu nicht mehr korrigierenden Problemen.


Streamlining iOS Development with Jenkins and Wireless App Distribution

Allibone: 11.07.2013

Continuous integration (CI) is a proven method for improving software quality and reducing time and cost of software projects. Jenkins, the leading open source CI server, is a popular choice to achieve a continuous build of many different kinds of projects. Equally important for...


Bring automation to your UI tests

Allibone: 11.07.2013

Many developers these days write unit tests in combination with integration tests to ensure that all the logical parts of an application is working correctly. ...


Custom Notification in Android


Custom Notification With Android 3.0 “Honeycomb” new notification have have become customizable. This allows to display rich content within the notification panel. While this is of course one of the features to be used with care — not to overload the GUI — it can be quite useful...


Shape – The App Conference

BORNHAUSER: 14.04.2013

Aus der Web Conference Shape wurde im letzten Jahr die App Conference. Mit Erich Gamma als Keynote Speaker wartete eine in der Softwarebranche wohlbekannte Persönlichkeit auf uns.  ...