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The automotive industry must continuously evolve at breakneck speed to stay at the forefront of innovation while adapting to change. There is no doubt, breakthroughs in telemetry, infotainment, and delivering a contextual driving experience will continue to rollout across the automotive sector. Android, for example, with its attractive visualization and control features make it a natural for automobiles. Working together with companies such as Mercedes-AMG, Continental Switzerland AG and Rinspeed AG, Noser Engineering has developed highly successful infotainment and telemetry systems based on the Android open source platform from idea to series production in record time. Noser Engineering offers in depth multi-disciplinary expertise across Android, Windows Phone® 7/8, iOS and System Testing for your next automotive project.


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Launch Showcase

Noser Know-How–Showcase

«With the AMG Performance Media system vehicle-specific data such as coolant and oil temperature, torque and throttle position are recorded, visualized and stored. Any track layout including sector and lap times can be analyzed. Working together, AMG and Noser Engineering developed the highly successful APM from idea to series production in record time.»
Raphael Winter, Head of Development Chassis Systems & E/E, Mercedes-AMG GmbH

AMG Performance Media

The German luxury sports car manufacturer Mercedes-AMG commissioned Noser Engineering to develop AMG Performance Media the world‘s first production-ready Android™ -based automotive infotainment system. Learn more

Video credits Daimler AG

Noser Engineering develop Android On-Board Information System for new "microMax" automobile

Swiss car visionary Rinspeed intends to revolutionize urban traffic with "microMAX" at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show. Learn more

Video credits Rinspeed

Rinspeed Partner Book Review: Automotive Infotainment and Telemetry. Get the full story here.

Noser Engineering Present a Solution to Connect Automobiles with Mobile Devices, Applications and Cloud Services

The automotive sector is utilizing the smart mobile device opportunity to combine location, context and telemetry to offer innovative, value added services. Learn more

Pioneering Android

Pioneering Android